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Pre-Pay for your reading to get great discounts & savings!

Take advantage of our great discounts when you pre-pay for your reading. The pre-paid minutes can be used at any time! They don't need to be used on the same call, you can spread the minutes over multiple calls for your convenience.

VIP Membership! Sign up now for a regular monthly reading to get even bigger discounts!

Choose our monthly plan and take advantage of a regular reading with our psychics each month. You get discount on the regular price, saving 67%.

Just click on the BUY NOW button for the pre-paid minutes or VIP Membership you would like, and follow the simple instructions.

Once you have completed your order, you will receive your pre-paid pin code on-line and also to your email, along with instructions about what to do next.

Then you can call our service at any time, and simply enter your pre-paid pin code.

Your pre-paid minutes only count for the time you are speaking to a psychic, and do not count down for any time you spend browsing on the phone line.

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Please note that pre-paid discounted minutes are charged from the time you speak to the psychic and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Pre Pay a reading FAQ’s

Q. Do I have to register to qualify for these discounts?
A. NO, there is no registration necessary, these discounts are available to everyone who wants to pre pay a reading with our psychics.

Q Other sites offer discounts but only to talk to a small selection of psychics, is that the same with you?
A. No, if you buy any of our great value pre-paid minutes and use those minutes to speak to any of our psychics at any time. We don’t limit which psychics you can talk to!

Q. What happens if I don’t use all my minutes on a call?
A. Don’t worry, your pre paid minutes “roll over” and can be used on any number of calls.

Q. When are my minutes charged from?
A. You pre paid minutes only count from the time after you speak to a psychic. Any other time on the line browsing is not charged to you.

Q. How do I buy pre-paid minutes and how do I use them?
A. It’s really easy. Simply click on the BUY NOW button for the package of pre-paid minutes you want to buy, and follow the instructions to enter your credit card details. Once you have completed the sale, we will issue you with your PIN on-line and email it to you. Simply call our toll free number and enter the pre-paid pin code to talk to our psychics.

Q. I have other questions, what can I do?
A. We are here to help, simply email with your contact details and a convenient time to reach you, and we will call and/or email you.